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Preorder - Gameboy Color Pokemon Crystal Legacy

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This is Pokemon Crystal Legacy for the Gameboy Advance. A remade version of the original Pokemon Crystal now playable on GBA and GBA SP. If didn’t love Gen 2 Pokemon and felt like there was just “something missing” then now your Pokemon desires have been answered with this unique version of Pokemon Crystal called: Pokemon Crystal Legacy.

*Pokemon Crystal Legacy for the Gameboy Color is indepently issued rework and will play on a GBC and GBA SP. Final design may look slightly different when shipped.

Gameplay Differences:
Gameboy Color Pokémon Crystal Legacy is an enhancement hack that aims to improve Generation 2’s most underdeveloped areas, whiling holding on to the mechanics and feel that made it such a entertaining and unique game.

Rather than bring modern Pokémon design philosophy to Crystal Legacy only makes changes based off precedents set in the game’s original design. This ensures an authentic generation 2 experience, while bringing this Pokemon Crystal Version to it’s full potential.

Pokemon Crystal Legacy Features Include

Features Dynamic Gym Leader level scaling for ‘non linear’ part of Johto region. The team’s and levels of Chuck, Pryce and Jasmine scale to whether you have 5, 6, or 7 badges or not.

- Gym Leader teams optimized. Leaders see more Generation 2 representation, while still retaining their original aces (in example: Bugsy keeps his Scyther, but Metapod and Kakuna are replaced with Pineco and Ledian). Movepools see increasing diversity as well as complexity. Gym Leaders use held items.

- Improved level curve. Pokemon Crystal Legacy Gym leaders and trainers no longer fall off in the late mid-game, only to spike in the Elite Fuur. The game now sees a more linear rise in leveling, with expanding trainer teams to provide more EXP. Players who don’t grind will still be under leveled to the champion, but this is intentional and typical for most Pokémon games.

- Pokémon availability increased. Kanto locked Generation 2 monsters like Houndour added to Johto. Route encounters have been diversified. Gen 1 trade monsters evolve by level up. Gen 2 trade items now simply work like evolution stones. Increased accessibility to evo items. Fossils + GS Ball added to Ruins of Alph.

- All legendaries are now catchable.
Gameplay Balancing. Dark-type is now Physical while Ghost is Special. Extreme improvements to Pokémon movepools. Balancing to actual moves (notably large improvements to bug and fighting type). Weak single evo monsters + other underperformers have seen some statistical buffs (i.e Misdrievus is now closer stat wise to Mismagius, but not on par).
Item Improvements.

- Flower shop now sells Berries. Cianwood pharmacy sells Stones & Ethers. Post radio tower Mahogany mart sells Upgrade and Metal Coat. Mahogany, Blackthorn, and Celadon now sell TMs. X Items cannot be purchased.

- Storyline enhancements. (Yay!)

- Slight adjustments to timing of Silver’s character arc. A man helps Lance uncover the Rocket Hideout. Team Rocket has seen Executives named as Archer and Ariana. ‘Hyuck-Hyuck’ Rocket now has a small character arc. The game now has an explanation for the missing Legendaries of Kanto.

- Quality of Life: Unique Pokémon Sprites, Running Shoes, Bigger Bag, Early EXP Share, Delete HMs whenever, TM pickup now says move name. PC added to Elm’s Lab and House after Tohjo Falls, Gameplay Icon that shows Weather, Bugs Fixed, Brick Piece (found in Goldenrod Warehouse) now evolves Hitmontop, Odd Egg always has good DVs, Happiness System makes Friendship Evos faster, Third Trainer Card show Kanto Badges, bugs fixed AND MORE.
Rematch Johto Gym Leaders after becoming Johto Champion.

- Kanto is now it’s own separate league. Pokemon Gym leader teams have competitively set teams of 6. Upon beating them, you must rematch the Elite Four for title of Kanto Champion before facing Red. Consider this section a ‘challenge’ post game.
Fight the creator of this mod (Smith), production manager of Pokemon Crystal Legacy (Craig) and video editor (Weebra) in the Trainer House.

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