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New Green PSP - PSP 3000 Modded Spirited Green Complete

Marca: Sony
Modelo: GREEN-PSP-3000
Disponibilidad: En Stock
Condicion: Nuevo
Precio en MXN:
Solo Quedan 9 En Stock
An absolute beautiful new condition PSP 3000 modded to perfection in the very limited edition Spirited Green. If you already know that a PSP even though older in nature is a retro gaming heaven then you will fall in true love with these PSP 3000 consoles that are not only region free and modded ready but also totally complete with everything shown.

PSP 3000 includes:

- PSP Spirited Green Console
- PSP Internal Battery
- PSP Charge Pack and Cable
- PSP Memory Card

Retro Games you remember and love from console generations like:

Sega Genesis
Super Nintendo Games
Sega Master System
Original Nintendo Games
NEO Geo Games
Arcade Games
Turbografx 16
Gameboy Advance Games

And so many others that you probably can’t remember right now , can be in your back pocket with these awesome portable retro gaming wonders.

*New PSP 3000 is tested and comes complete in bulk packaging as shown.

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